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“Hits don’t fall from the sky and the favor (of) an audience has to be worked hard for every day anew.” This credo guides one of the most successful pop stars, a spirited musician and passionate entertainer. 33 years after his breakthrough with Adios Amor, Andy Borg is more popular today than ever before. This summer, after a storm of public outrage and a media outcry, the Floridsdorf native took his hotly debated farewell as host and presenter of the traditional show “Musikantenstadl” with the open air finale in Pula, Croatia. A farewell that, as is characteristic of Andy Borg and his life, always heralds a new phase in his life. The time after Musikantenstadl.

“I say it with music. That’s my calling, to say something with music. It’s easier for me to express a lot of things than to put them into words in a conversation or on paper. And that’s why I also look back with my music – on almost 10 years of stadl time: “I won’t forget the stadl time in my life. Our audience, too, will always be there. Even if life drives us apart over time, I know that I am a small part of the Stadl. As the successor to the Stadl’s founding father Karl Moik, Andy Borg has succeeded in a short time in taking millions of loyal MUSIKANTENSTADL fans into a new, Stadl era with his Viennese charm and a good dose of Viennese humor. His record is impressive: With up to 8 million viewers in three countries, MUSIKANTENSTADL was once again one of the most successful Saturday evening entertainment shows on European television in its 34th year. Well over 200 million viewers have seen the live shows with Andy Borg and his guests. The down-to-earth Passau native has always remained true to singing over the years, and his performances take him year after year from the Netherlands to Italy, from Alsace to Poland, through many European countries.

Countless hits such as The Famous Three Words, Adios amor, The Fishermen of San Juan, Arrivederci Claire and San Amore are the soundtrack of a unique musical career, which distinguishes Andy Borg as the personified evergreen on the European music stages. Quick-witted, witty and rarely at a loss for an answer.

In 2012, Andy Borg celebrated his thirtieth anniversary on stage. Many millions of records he has sold since then, countless gold and platinum awards. He has been awarded Golden and Honorary Lions by Radio Luxemburg, received the Golden Tuning Fork, the Golden Disco Star and many other honors for his musical successes and services to German Schlager. To this day, one of his favorite awards is the Double Diamond, which he received in his hometown of Vienna, in front of the Vienna City Hall. Andy Borg already made television history in the 1990s as the longtime host of the popular and successful “Schlagerparade der Volksmusik”(on ARD). SPIEGEL author Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre once attested that he was “…ammunitioned with Viennese killer charm, a master of subtle monologuing….” and “… you can laugh at him!”. Andy Borg, that is the down-to-earth, successful pop singer and TV presenter with a healthy dose of humor – one who seeks closeness to his audience and whom his audience loves. In JULY 2015 he received GOLD for SAN AMORE..

Andy Borg was born Adolf Andreas Meyer in Vienna on November 2, 1960. After graduating from secondary school, he completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic. In his free time he made music with great passion, sang and played at numerous events in and around Vienna. However, his participation in the ORF talent contest “Die Große Chance” in 1981 was to change his life fundamentally. Kurt Feltz, the great man of German pop and one of the most successful lyricists of the post-war period (Feltz wrote the million hits for music legends such as Connie Francis, Conny Froboess, Peter Alexander and Caterina Valente) – took a liking to the musical talent of the then 21-year-old mechanic from Vienna-Floridsdorf and spontaneously signed him up. Andreas Meyer became Andy Borg and almost overnight a new star shone in the German Schlager sky. The successful author team Tex Shultzieg (music) and Kurt Feltz (lyrics) wrote the title “Adios Amor” for Andy Borg and catapulted him to the top of the charts in 1982. And that, of all things, at a time when German Schlager was at its lowest ebb and in the shadow of the Neue Deutsche Welle. The NDW overshadowed everything at the beginning of the 80s and, with a few exceptions, pushed the German Schlager out of the hit parades, radio and television programs. Among the few who successfully defied the zeitgeist at the time was Andy Borg, with well over 14 million copies of Adios Amor sold. With further mega-successes such as “The Famous Three Words”, “The Fishermen of San Juan”, “Arrividerci Claire”, “I Don’t Want to Know Your Name”, he ditched the musical current of the time and sang his way deep into the hearts of an audience of millions with his unmistakable, sensitive voice. In all these years, Andy Borg distinguished himself as a reliable and fair team player. And gratefully he remembers each and every one of his companions. “And we would all be nothing without our PUBLIC. Without the people. who have accepted me into their lives, into their families with my songs. It is unimaginable how many people I have met during my performances and tours. Over the years, their partners, who became spouses, and finally their children, have accompanied me!” Yes, music connects generations. In 2015, 33 years after the first recordings of ADIOS AMOR, THE FISHERS OF SAN JUAN or ARRIVEDERCI CLAIRE, Andy Borg is deeply aware of how many people he has touched with his songs over the past 33 years, and that through his music he also seems to have found a way to satisfy that longing for sun, love and sea that lives in all of us. Or, to conclude by quoting a musical image of Andy Borg: “If you can live in my world, you are at home in SAN AMORE. That’s what I wish for all people!”

33 years ANDY BORG – Stages of a career

1960 – Nov 02 born in Vienna as Adolf Andreas Meyer.
   1980 – Casting – “Die Grosse Chance” – rejected.
   1981 – Participation in the ORF talent contest “Die Grosse Chance”.
   1982 – 06.Sept. ZDF HITPARADE with Adios amor
   1983 – PREMIO DEL SOL Mallorca
   1983 – Golden Lion RTL
   1996 – Schlagerdiamant Super RTL
   2015 Stadl farewell with the open air at the end of June in Pula

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