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1977 – 2017 
(Anniversary – 40 Years of Saragossa Band)

Since their first big hit “Big Bamboo”, the Saragossa Band has become an integral part of every party. Everybody knows them, everybody likes them and everybody likes to be carried away by the typical Saragossa sound. The Saragossa Band takes you to the Caribbean in no time at all, makes you feel like in the sun and brings vacation into your house!

No matter if young or old: Everyone already came into contact with the hits of the Zaragoza Band. Because after “Big Bamboo” it went on in breathtaking speed: “Agadou” “Zabadak” or “Rastaman” make today as then every party an experience! Dancing along becomes a must!

It’s hard to believe, but in 2017 the Zaragoza Band celebrates its

40th anniversary!!!

Since 1977 the tour calendar is fully booked, the musicians spend most of their time “on the road” all over Europe. No wonder: the light-heartedness of their music, the band’s joy of playing are simply timeless, like their hits.

The band plays their songs live on stage, in the typical “Zaragoza Sound”.

Aus diesem Grunde haben die sechs Musiker/in eine Jubiläums-3er Box zusammengestellt.  

Saragossa Band  1977 – 2017 (40th Anniversary Box)

is the inviting title and could also be the motto of each song. Whether oldies, pop, soul, medleys or the well-known “Top Ten Hits” everything is present on the 3 CD’s (3 hours of pure party music )

Besides the two likeable front stars of the band, Harry Karrer and Esther Gebhard, Evert van der Waal (drums and percussion), Thomas Härtel (bass and vocals), Andy Bielan (keyboards and vocals) and guitarist and singer Norbert Rudeck are responsible for this spirited “good mood package”.

All further words are actually too much with the Zaragoza band. You just have to listen to them and best not alone.

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